Daily Prompt: Denial

Most difficult amongst all our efforts is to try and see things as they really are.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  It’s not so simple.  Often when a catastrophe occurs eye witnesses come up with the strangest of recollections of events.  We process what we see in ways that use a baggage of assumptions and preconceptions.  Seeing is just one sense and so as we mix all the sources of information that we have the picture can get sharper or more blurred.   Either way we will fix this result as; our view. 

Is this denial?  Denial of reality.  You get it; I’m channelling my inner Spock.  Half Vulcan – half human.  We are stuck in that world between objectivity, facts and logic and our imagination, emotions and feelings.  I don’t want to deny either.  Let’s just except, to see things as they really are needs a lot more effort than we often give it.    

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Take Back Control


I’ll bet some of those who backed leaving the European Union liked the slogan: “take back control”.  It was a false prospectus but the words had a ring to them.  Who doesn’t want to be the master of all they survey?  Even if I know that, not only beyond my garden fence but inside it too my local council will have a say if I want to build an extension to the house.

Now, to me it’s shocking what the Governments has revealed as their proposal for how they’ll change Britain’s laws to leave the European Union. The Government want to bypass the British Parliament and write new laws behind closed doors.

Who wants Brexit to mean we swap open and transparent law making in Brussels for murky backroom law making by the Conservatives in Westminster?  This is bad news.  The proposal on the table would give the Government the power to change the laws that affect all of us, without proper Parliamentary scrutiny.  It seems obvious the results will be murky deals between Conservative Ministers and their supporters with the interests of the public being a minor consideration.

If you really want to take back control there’s a way to do it.  Why should we be beggars with the ballot in our hands?  The next important vote is the local elections on May 4th.


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Daily Prompt: Champion

Champion the Wonder Horse! Champion the Wonder Horse! I can hear that theme resonating in my ear.  It was coming from a black and white TV set sitting in the corner of the front room.  This is going back to the 60s in the farm house where I grew-up.  Like a streak of lightnin’ flashin’ cross the sky.  Can’t remember a single story or even what Champion looked like.  Take that even further, we never had a horse on the farm in my time.  Nevertheless, that song is as clear as a bell.  The picture that goes with it of the room and the large stone fire place are well in focus.  Strange tricks the mind plays.

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Looking ahead


Patriotism, being a patriot, being patriotic.  Mud is being slung around between English people as if there was a religious war going on.  Last year’s monstrous referendum, that divided Britain has set people on each other in a way that hasn’t happened since the 17th Century.

It makes me angry when a few people try to systematically bully, intimidate and delegitimise others who don’t agree with their narrow world view.  That way of doing politics is deeply un-British and is harming the Country.  Fundamental British values are: democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.

Before anyone comments; that’s a democracy without intimidation and where free speech is cherished.

I am so proud to stand with the over 16 million British people who voted Remain.  Those opposing Brexit, they are the patriots.  They are brave and strong enough to accept that a mistake has been made, ready to turn back and take responsibility.

It is patriotic to do everything possible to prevent the Brexit calamity.  Not only that but it’s time for the Brexit error to be a catalyst for a rebirth of the European dream.  I believe, the best thing we can do is to learn from our mistakes.  That action, in the end is how we will succeed as a Country.

On the edge

We are on the cusp of a glorious victory or defeat.  Can’t be sure, just now.  Whatever.  We are on the seat of our slacks, hanging on to every word just waiting for the final count down.  Seconds tick by as the suspense builds.  People fidget with anxiety.  Nervous onlookers shake with unease.  Cameras pan the room.  A tap to the microphone to check it’s working.  And finally, just as we were all about to turn away – he lifts the tea bag out of the cup.  Nothing to see here.  Move on.  Only another cuppa. 

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Not Normal


Strangeness is a part of the make-up of Brexiters.  Foolish though I am, I read posts that flow from articles on Europe.  Inevitably in the agreement with negative statements and the disagreement with positive statements there’s a “justification” that takes a distorted view of history.  Several themes are common.  One is: Britain stood and stands alone against evil, folly and sloth.  Another is: Collapse, chaos and catastrophe happens on the Continent.  Yet another is: “they” need “us” more than we need them. 

Underlying this are nostalgic fictions, separatism and an exceptionalism that is out of touch with reality.  It’s like Brexiters cover their eyes for the love of a dream state that doesn’t have to address practical day-to-day concerns. 

In this dream state calling for a new Royal Yacht Britannia, blue passports or a return to pounds, ounces, feet and inches when the UK’s health and social care services are straining every sinew, doesn’t seem so crazy.  In this dream state branding any view you disagree with as “project fear” or somehow traitorous is standard.  In this dream state deflecting blame for anything that goes wrong is quite normal. 

The longer that we take to wake up from this hallucination the more harm will be done.  The seeds of change are in the air but we may need a good shaking before our eyes are opened.  Expect a rocky year. 


Weekend Sunstroke

IMG_1076What on earth do most British people make of this sabre rattling?  Within days of declaring a wish to exit the European Union (EU), brash right-wing politicians want to send the gun boats to Spanish waters.  Such talk is the height of insanity. 

Atypically EU Regulations have had statements referencing Ministerial meetings with Spain.  So, the law applicable in the UK has recognised dialogue with Spain on Gibraltar for a long-time.  This is nothing new.  Spain has had a say on the subject during the UK’s membership of the EU. 

So, seeing reference to a dialogue on Gibraltar, in an EU letter should have been a non-event.  However, the UK news media has gone into overdrive this weekend.  It’s the sort of sexy story many editors like to big-up to make the blood boil and kick-off as many angry voices as possible.  This sells newsprint. 

Saner voices will look away from this noisy diversion.  As has been commented; the negotiations ahead are complex enough without making them even more complex. 

I’m not a conspiracy theorist but, if I was, then I might think someone is trying to provoke a crisis.  What the purpose of such provocation may be is open to speculation.  Could it be that May’s Government see failure looming and need an escape path?  How convenient it would be if a major crisis distracted public attention away from the day-to-day ups and downs of complex negotiations.