The question is: which way would John Steed vote on the EU?  That’s Patrick Macnee in the Avengers TV series.  Always in a smart suit, the bowler hat and umbrella that was once so typically British.  Which way would this fictional character, much loved from my childhood, vote in the forthcoming referendum?

The cold war spy stories of the 1960s were full of conspiracies and plots. The Avengers was like a sophisticated Scooby Doo for adults.  Except these were imaginary British secret agents working for an mysterious part of the Intelligence services.  The plots followed the lines of uncovering intrigue so that the baddies were outwitted and exposed.  The closing sequence often had a trade mark opening of a bottle of expensive Champagne.

Visions of future technologies popped up in the stories from time to time. Cybernauts (robots), computers and even walky-talkies produced a blend of 1960s high-tech with soberer tradition.

I think Steed would approve that 13 former dictatorships have been transformed into democratic EU Member States. That we have had peace and stability in Europe for 60 years and that the cold war is now taught in history books.

With the Vote Leave campaign arguments being so “dishonest” and “verging on the squalid” they would certainly be cast in the role of the shifty baddies.

Given that John Steed was highly rational and as cool as a cucumber under pressure, I’d say that Steed would vote to REMAIN in the EU. He would support a confident, positive and patriotic case for Britain in Europe. So do all you “Steedophiles” across the Country agree?


Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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