Register, register, register – that’s the best that can be said at this moment.  The voter registration deadline is to be extended to midnight on Thursday, 09 June 2016.  When that midnight hour comes voter registrations will close.  Legislation will be put forward to make that happen.  That’s your one opportunity to vote in the EU referendum being held on Thursday, 23 June to decide if Britain will REMAIN in the EU.

Time to sign-up if the Government computer glitch got you or you missed the last deadline. It’s clear that if you don’t register and don’t vote you are giving up Britain to the readers of the Daily Mail and the Express.

Although we have known since it was first published, it’s clear that the leave campaigners claim that Brexit would free up £350m a week for the UK Government to spent is untrue. Leave campaign literature has been full of blatant distortions.

If you are concerned about; jobs, your income, prices and your rights in the work place then vote to REMAIN in the EU.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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