Play the ball

There’s less than ten weeks to go to the UK’s referendum. The more time elapses the more ridiculous the position of the LEAVE campaigners becomes. There are enemies within, there are enemies without and there are enemies all about. The IMF is an outpost of the EU, US president should keep out of our affairs, German Chancellor rules Europe, the CBI has a “conflict of interest”, the Farmers are scaremongering, the BBC is bias and everyone is wrong except you know who. You name it, 101 paranoid statements have been thrown at random to the media. It seems that Project Paranoia is in full flow.
What this proves to me is that the REMAIN campaigners have won the rational arguments to stay in the EU. Opponents instead of presenting a better plan have only stones to throw at the prospect of a reformed EU. Instead of “playing the ball” they try to repeatedly foul the opposition.
Twisted thinking is evident when considering that outside EU membership there would be an even greater need for the UK to be a reliable partner, maintain good relationships and trust. Going around telling people to – butt out – is not a good basis for future trading or working together. This approach is not a successful strategy for a mature democracy in the 21st century.
Was I surprised about any of the above? No not really. Parties like UKIP, some Tories and Tabloids have been rousing angry supporters with the intention of throwing them into this fight. In this situation it’s going to be absolutely vital that everyone who supports the campaign to REMAIN in the EU puts a cross in the box on the ballot paper.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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