Wish for better

I’ve a vivid memory of tracks from Wish You Were Here playing in 1984 whilst eating a toasted sandwich. It was a late breakfast and it was in Greece. That music was first released in 1975. So, yet again there’s a reason to celebrate 1975. Not only was it the year that the UK voted to stay in the EEC but it was the year great songs hit the streets. Last night I saw the Australian Pink Floyd show. Strange to be in Germany listening to an Australian band playing British progressive rock more than 40 years after it was first performed. That’s our fantastically diverse world for you. The show had the audience on their feet and that doesn’t always happen in such a large arena.  So, what am I to make of this in relation to the referendum debate? For a start, let’s just say that British music has done well in Europe. Follow that by saying that there is a common cultural cord that runs through the experiences of the last 40 years. Top that by saying Pink Floyd take a bash at the music industry in WYWH but there remains a thread of idealism in the music. I guess that’s where we are with the EU. Lots of people want to put the boot in but from time to time we need to revisit the idealism that got the project off the ground. Idealism gets bad press but in my mind it’s absolutely essential if we want to secure a better Europe and a better world.  

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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