Constant Change

Europe is always changing. The Berlin Wall fell in 1989. The Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. A Treaty on monetary union eventually became the “euro” and not the “ecu” as the French wanted. The European Union enlarged from 12 to 28 Member States much as the British wanted. 2008’s severe financial crisis and its challenges are still being worked on. Without a doubt, the winds of change are constantly blowing through our continent. In fact, they never let up for one moment.
Often quoted and misquoted is the response of British PM Harold Macmillan to a journalist’s question. The question being: “what is most likely to blow governments off course” to which the response was: “events, dear boy, events”. This is so true, not just of Britain but the whole of Europe.
The notion put around by those favouring BREXIT is that there’s a preassigned destination namely; a federal Europe. There’s a disposition that some people have that loves conspiracy theories. There’s a vivid imagination at work over coup’s or plots, designed to hurt Britain that are being fixed up in darkened rooms. There’s a sour mood that sees all good as having come from a romantic bygone era that there may never have been. Spending just a short time reading BREXIT content on social media quickly brings about this conclusion in my mind.
The reality is different. Europe and the European Union are a work-in-progress. Britain is one of the leading Member States when it comes to setting the direction for the future. However, as per the quotation of Macmillan more time is spent reacting to events than it is planning the future. I think European, including British citizens want a competent and dynamic European Union that has the capacity to deal with major events that cross national boundaries. Yes, it should plan too.
There’s a long list of live subjects like climate change, energy security, migration and international travel for which there must be an agreed regional approach if we wish to succeed. In today’s world the European Union represents the most advanced regional arrangements between States anywhere on the globe. Whilst Britain is considering if it should leave or remain, others would rather see us exert our knowledge, power and influence to shape the EU to assure future peace and stability. Remaining in the EU means we have a plan to deal with the winds of change.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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