Rule of law

I see those in Britain who want to leave the European Union say they want to; restore the Country’s power over its laws. They expect a dramatic improvement in accountability if we leave. Then there’s a claim about how many of Britain’s laws are influenced by the EU. In my mind these are a weak set of arguments wrapped in naked nationalism. Here’s some reasons why I think that these slogans are extremely misleading and out of touch with reality.
The EU is based on Treaties. I guarantee that if we left the EU, Britain would continue to sign Treaties. Every Treaty creates rights and responsibilities. These are worthless unless they are enforceable in law. Britain would exchange one set of Treaties for another set and spend decades doing so for little or no gain. In fact, being in a poor negotiating position post Brexit would mean less control over the Country’s destiny.
It’s not a restraint from the EU that stops us changing to ensure a “dramatic improvement in accountability” rather it’s our backward way of Westminster governance. Reform is long overdue. Every time reform is proposed national vested interests come out of the woodwork to block it. After the referendum I hope all the energy campaigners are now exerting is directed at changing our voting system, our excessive use of patronage and empowering the English regions.
Of course Britain’s laws are influenced by the EU. The EU is not separate from Britain. We are part of the EU. We are sitting at the table making and amending those European laws. Those regulations and directives are of great advantage to Britain. They ensure that a British citizen can work, play or retire in 28 States. They ensure that goods and services can be traded without barriers. They increase our power in negotiations with the world’s major economies.
These reasons are reason enough for me to say that REMAIN is the best option. Let’s remember, the spectre of naked nationalism stalked Europe in the 1930s. Following that path always leads to disaster – its guaranteed.
Britain in the EU is a powerful combination. There’s peace and stability in unity. Let’s keep to that road.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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