Normally I don’t do hyperbole. I don’t like adjectives all that much. I think it’s better to say something in plain English. Too much flash and gloss is great if you are a second-hand car salesman but that doesn’t work for someone who trained as I did. Today, I will make an exception. It’s because there are parts of what has been reported in the news that strike as personal criticism.
Ex-Mayor of London Boris Johnson has compared the European Union’s aims to that of Hitler. Unifying Europe under a single “authority” is portrayed as dangerous and evil.
When earnestly campaigning for a cause there are many cards that can be played. Some have high values others you don’t want to see in a life-time of Sundays. In this case, I think monstrous mad ego man Johnson just wants to get our attention but by playing the “Hitler” card but he’s gone too far. It’s an abomination. It’s deeply offensive. The EU has prevented despotism and works for human rights which is a million billion miles from Hitler’s aims.
Essentially the LEAVE campaign are insulting people. People like me who worked for an EU Agency. In my time, we did work that was vital to keeping European citizens safe, making it easy and more environmentally sustainable to travel.
Now, Johnson is implying we worked for an evil empire hell bent on world domination. I can almost hear the Star Wars theme in the background. Befuddled, bonkers, buffoon Boris knows he has lost all other arguments so he’s hit the press with this utterly shameless nonsense. He has learned nothing from the recent London mayoral election or the mistakes of Ken Livingstone. The leader of the LEAVE campaign likes to play the comic jester but he shouldn’t be trusted for one single second.
The referendum is on 23 June, when voters in the UK will be asked if they want the country to REMAIN in the EU. The patriotic, sane and rational vote is to REMAIN.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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