Two Boxes

WP_20160530_20_42_15_ProBritain is in a good position. We have the best of both worlds.  At the same time as having a seat at the table in Europe, Britain continues to be one of the major players at a global level.  This comes from our unique history and an ability to lead in significant areas.

The choice for Britain is a stark one. It’s either to be a fully active member of the EU, as it has been or to stand apart protecting its own limited interests whilst at the same time being greatly affected by the EU.  If Britain is no longer a member it will not be in a position to influence the development of the EU.  At the same time, globalisation is going to require more collaboration and not less.

Today, Britain benefits from the level playing field created by the European single market. This is a bulwark against the destructive effects of national protectionism.  Britain has moved the EU towards a more open and flexible approach to business.  It has been a leading light in ensuring that necessary regulation is not a burden but an asset.  Britain has also encouraged overseas investors to see it as a preferred route into Europe.

None of these things happened overnight. Decades of work at the heart of the EU have maximised the opportunities for British industry and services.  This is particularly true for the pharmaceutical sector and financial services.  It’s also true in the inherently international aviation sector.

No matter how you read it all the economic arguments stack up in favour of remaining in the EU. That’s not to say that the EU is perfect but neither is the alternative.  In fact, leaving the EU carries an order of magnitude greater risk than remaining in.

That said, Britain will stay in the EU only if REMAIN supporters put their cross in the REMAIN box on the ballot paper. There are a great number of powerful distractions during the run up to the EU referendum vote.  There are numerous red herrings all tempting voters to jump one way or another.

Putting to one side the political personalities pushing for your attention the basic choice is IN or OUT. It gets no more complex than the two sides of a coin.  I believe the only way forward is to stay IN the EU and I hope you do too.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

3 thoughts on “Two Boxes”

  1. what rolls me up is the wrongly bandied about 350m per week rubbish, I do despair, I always thought Boris was a milder ‘Trump’ figure, good for a laugh but not much else – as apparently Sadiq Khan is finding out already – but look at the track record of the other main Brexit leaders. IDS – oh and how he preaches about being for the average and poor man, grrrr – crap as party leader, evil as Work and Pensions, and Gove; yes, lucky to still be in the cabinet, saved by DC and now busy stabbing him in the back. At least IDS resigned, not good old Gove.Saw Nick Clegg on This Week, nice man, so sad, speaks so much sense… ok rant over – until I see the next nonsense bulletin. Ah but, saw some farmers on the box, are they really that stupid, do they really think that once out of the EU the government will take over paying their subsidies?

  2. Why do Brexiters keep going on about unelected people, didn’t they vote for their MEP? don’t they know the Parliament has to ratify regulations put up by the Commission… and so on and so on

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