Lead not leave

00222 days to save Britain. That’s right the issues are as big as they get.  If you are not registered to vote you still have time to do so.  Europe and the EU don’t just come up every 40 years.  What we decide on 23 June will be with us for a generation and more.  Only two choices are on the ballot paper.

The campaign to vote to REMAIN in the EU has picked up the most credible supporters. The economic case to stay in the EU is overwhelming.  On all the cross border issues like; crime, climate change and environmental protection the EU offers the best way forward.

Vote Leave have peppered Britain with mean minded, ill-conceived and confused referendum addresses. Their vision of isolation is the polar opposite of the internationalism of the REMAIN campaign.  The peculiar notion that building a wall or pulling up a drawbridge will change the fundamental facts about migration is comical if it wasn’t so tragic.  I know we have a natural instinct to be protective of our local community but we had best not think that we are doing good if we run away.  It’s just not patriotic.

Britain is about engagement. On the subject of climate change and financial regulation, it is Britain that has led the push for tough EU action.  When things don’t work the way we think they should then let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work and fix it.  The EU is the most ambitious and successful example of cooperation between nations that has ever been built in our world.  If we were to quit the EU because it wasn’t perfect, we shut ourselves out of huge opportunities in the future.  Extending the European single market to areas like digital, energy and services will be greatly to Britain’s advantage.  We must lead in Europe, not leave.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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