Magnets have two poles – north and south. Electrical charges can be positive or negative.  Batteries have a plus and a minus terminal.  Yes, you can tell that I’m and electrical engineer by training.  However, reducing complex subjects to just two simple choices (IN or OUT) isn’t so easy even if it is necessary. In the forthcoming referendum there will only be two choices.  Well, of course there’s a third way and that’s abstention (or not voting) but this is the worst of all the choices possible.  With such a mammoth decision in front of the British people on 23 June, I hope that as many people as possible have their say in the final result.

This is NOT a normal British election. This is NOT a vote for punishing or rewarding a Government or any of its personalities.  This is NOT reversible.

Although you can only choose to REMAIN or LEAVE the EU, in reality Europe is much more multidimensional. We can talk at length about business, economics, defence, security, social welfare, human rights, democracy or the environment as a few of the subjects on the table.  None of them are trivial.  All of them are important.  Don’t let anyone tell you this is simple.

Remember too that although the referendum is one day in 2016 it’s the impact on decades for Britain that needs to be in your mind. What’s happening this week or this month may not have anything to do with the enduring impact of the vote.  Political personalities come and go like moths.  Britain endures.

Throughout this long national referendum campaign, I have seen both positive and negative campaigning from both side of the critical arguments. If I was to pile up the arguments on a large balancing scale, I think that there’s greater positivity from Vote Remain and less from Vote Leave.

Now, you might say to me: but aren’t you bias is making that assessment? Here’s a reason why that is not so and it’s a simple equation that can make the point.  Vote Remain is positive about the EU.  Vote Leave is negative about the EU.  Both are positive about Britain’s place in the wider world.

So, two positives for REMAIN. Thus, its seems to me that the best long term result for Britain is to REMAIN in the EU.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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