Mettle and Mulligrubs

My last post had a glimmer of optimism about it.  As the week progresses the basis for that optimism is subsiding.  Slowly but surely.  One cause is the endless, wholly erroneous diatribe of macho language that bleeds from the Brexit supporters.  So, much effort and energy are being expended provoking conflict, heightening tensions and blaming others.

Constant uncertainty of the Brexit clock ticking is doing damage, even as we speak.  The health of manufacturing confidence has reached a low.  Contingency measures are kicking-in as companies move out of the UK.  Hard working, tax paying, long-standing EU nationals are drifting away.

As real impacts are being felt by real people, so our politics seems more unreal.  The UK is divided between people who are head-down studying, training or working and frantic groups that are fighting ancient battles.  Politically Left or Right there’s a myopic obsession infecting public life.

Former governor of the Bank of England, Lord King has branded Brexit preparations as: “incompetent”.  He’s coming from a position of supporting Brexit.  My answer to him is the earthy historic phrase: you can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear.  The poor of preparation started the day an “advisory” referendum was proposed and driven through by a gambling PM.

Now, we have the ridiculous situation of the Brexit secretary Raab saying those in Parliament worried about warnings of damage to the UK car industry: “show more mettle”.  Again a 17th century phrase.  Maybe it’s time to revive some other historic words and phrases from that era.

Government is telling a: “Banbury tale” which is a form of: “cock and bull” story.  That’s a ridiculous story, or a tale that rambles on without going anywhere.  How apt for Brexit.  Particularly considering that David Cameron’s constituency was in Oxfordshire.

I’m always astonished how many Brexiters are “mulligrubs”.  That’s people in an exaggerated bad mood all the time.  How they keep it up being so sullen when they “won” the referendum in 2016 is beyond belief.  That word rolls off the tongue so maybe it’s worth reviving.

The political media is full of “pickthanks”.  That’s gossiping tell-tales who spreads malicious rumours to carry favour.  I can see why that one died.  There are better words for such people but many of them are not to be used in polite company.

Brexit isn’t an answer to our current predicament.  It’s a symptom of a much deeper problem.  The longer we avoid that reality the worse the situation will get.  Regrets are not enough.  We need serious action to rethink.  Sign-up[1].



Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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