What do you think?

It’s time to ask for an opinion. Reading newspapers, listening to the radio and scanning the web there is still no substitute for a good old conversation. So, I asked a West Country farmer IN or OUT? Goodness me: “I’d like OUT but it’s safer IN”. Next I asked an his mother. Well, my mother too. The reply surprised me: Undecided but if I was younger I might vote OUT and take the risk. After a moments reflection: “It (the disruption) will take too long so stay IN”. With all the media noise in the air there’s still a huge don’t know factor when it comes to the final referendum vote. With this in mind and the fact that more noise doesn’t make it any easier, the “devil you know” will probably clinch the outcome. The reasons are simple. Asking people to make a massive leap into the complete unknown isn’t an attractive prospect. When looking at the people who are asking for that giant leap its evident that their credibility is mighty lacking. To top that, throwing away so much invested knowledge, experience and goodwill just doesn’t sound sensible.  
Personally I find the positive case for the UK to remain in the EU compelling. In my head, a basic cost / benefit analysis and a set of beliefs being me to that conclusion. Now, the race is on to communicate.  

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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