Upbeat message

We have known of the US president’s visit to the UK for some time. It certainly wasn’t a surprise. Thus, it’s strange to hear how prominent Brexiters have responded to the event. Having time to prepare a confident campaign could have assembled a factual and grounded defence of the position for leaving the European Union. Instead what has been presented by the likes of Johnson and Farage is the worst of the worst pub gossip. Innuendo, misrepresentation and prejudice were all the leave campaign had to offer. Barack Obama shows no signs of being anti-British.  Contrast the Brexiters assertions with the warmth and upbeat messages in support of the UK’s position in Europe. It’s clear that the UK’s continuing global success is dependent upon playing a strong role in the EU. The momentum of the Remain campaign continues to grow as the days count down to the referendum. 

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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