Back from my travels

Driving from Staines to Somerset to Scotland and back is a great way to get a perspective on the great diversity that is the UK. Different landscapes, different histories and different cultures. Our Union is a fantastic mix. It’s a testament to the value of respecting local identity at the same time as being part of something bigger. Not so shocking to make such an observation. I’d like to extend that thinking to Europe. Being part of a union in Europe makes us bigger rather than smaller. Brexit advocate imagine pulling up the drawbridge and hunkering down on this island. I can’t help thinking that this is so unnatural to the British character and experience as to be repulsive.  

Reading Michael Gove’s recent speech there was so much of the politicians trick of blaming the bad on “them” and heralding the good as solely being “us”. Then there was the magic that everyday will be Christmas if only we run away from our European Union. Even more unrealistic was the idea that we could independently match the US on research and innovation spending. It’s not that I’m surprised by any of this fear mongering followed by offers of utopia. I just hope that the vast majority of people can see through Gove’s utopia for what it is.  

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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