United Europe

It’s with such ease that we forget the dramatic changes that have taken place over recent decades. Post-war the dividing lines were drawn across Europe. That separation of East and West almost brought us to the point of mutually assured destruction. I remember a conversation with a Belgium colleague who had done national service. The cold practicality of their predicament was haunting. He told me: we knew that if anything happened our job was to stand guard but that within about 5 minutes it would all be over.
Let’s be thankful that a strong desire for democracy and prosperity led to the fall of communist regimes across Europe. The European Union played its part in that transformation. By presenting an example of democratic cooperation it gave the former communist countries hope for the future. The EU provided much needed assistance in rebuilding infrastructure across Europe. Effectively connecting East and West so that we can live and work together.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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