Fair Play

With impending failure looming the referendum LEAVE camp seems to be stepping up the level of abuse and misrepresentation on social media. There’s a never mind the facts attitude. If people don’t agree we will just shout louder. Repeating endlessly statements already proven to be wrong. The problem with this approach to campaigning is it starts to become bullying and intimidation. Maybe that’s the intention but surely one of the British qualities that are so often promoted is that of fair play. Expression like; it’s just not cricket remind us that so many of the rules and regulations of sport originate from the UK. So, are the LEAVE campaigners undermining the very thing you might expect them to be defending?  I do care about the facts. I believe we should argue with dignity and humility. And if statements are in error or just plain wrong they should be withdrawn.  

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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