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Let’s be absolutely clear and factual. On 24 June, Europe will be exactly where it was the day before. Unless an Icelandic volcano erupts and moves the North Atlantic. Even then a couple of centimetres isn’t going to make all that much difference. Yes, I’m talking about the physical geography of the land we stand on. It’s true too that plus or minus some births and deaths the population of Europe will not have changed much either. Even though we are all aging. Add to that the fact that the net worth of Europe as a whole, baring a financial meltdown will not have climbed or fallen a great deal.
My point is that whatever supporters of Brexit think, the reality of our world isn’t going to move just because they believe that they are not part of Europe. Every single issue we deal with now will be sitting there on the table to be addressed on the 24 June. King Arthur will not rise from Cadbury Hill to rally the country in its time of need. Boadicea’s ghostly chariot will not repel any European coming to these shores. John Bull’s dog will not frighten all our enemies into submission.
As the UK ponders where to belong so the world continues to turn. If we give up our seat at the table in Europe so big decisions will still get made in Brussels. The ups and downs of the economics of European States will still continue to impact us. We will still be bound and obligated by Treaties even if they are not specifically European ones.
Surely it’s better to have a vote and a degree of control in our own neighbourhood? Surely there is advantage working with Europeans to solve common problems? Surely the political and social landscape of Europe will always be important to us? The practical reality of power politics is that if we are alone in the world, China, India, Russia or the US will pay only lip-service to the UK. Having 27 long-term working partners to face the big global problems together means we count. There is strength in numbers. And that’s not a myth.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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