Work to do

The year that has gone by has been a tough one for the Lib Dems. Now, with the results in, just as I can see spring’s green shots in my garden so the Party is growing again. These elections have provided the evidence that the right direction is set. Granted progress is measured but progress it nevertheless is up and down the UK. It’s just the boost that hard working local activist needed. It shows that community politics remains a sound foundation on which to build.
Great to see the Lib Dems take majority and Conservatives wither in Watford. I was so pleased to see that the Lib Dems have retained control of Cheltenham Council with 5 gains! Also, with Labour’s Sadiq Khan it’s good to see a pro-European London Mayor.
Now, our attention re-focuses on the referendum will take place on 23 June. It’s time to redouble efforts to get a positive message across on the real benefits of EU membership. We need to speak to many more people about all that’s at stake in June. It would be shameful if the UK sleep walked into Brexit. This is a simple choice without the opportunity to do a re-run next year if it all goes badly wrong. If ever we needed calm reflection and a national reality check it is now. Having been a senior manager, I know that it’s nice to see the world as you would like it to be but there is no substitute for seeing it as it really is. Comforting self-deception is a nightmare.
The best future for the UK is as a leading power in the EU.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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