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001People want to be in a successful place. Britain’s economic success is attracting workers from across the EU Member States as new migration figures show. The majority of EU citizens come to work or to find work. These workers are making a large contribution to the wealth of the nation. Leaving the EU could cause a shortage of workers and the closure of businesses.
Most EU workers coming to Britain are young, fit and hardworking. Britain’s health and social care sector is highly dependent on EU staff. With an ageing population its vital that posts are filled.
There are indicators that when these migrants return to their countries of origin they take with them an entrepreneurial spirit and the English language which makes then excellent future business partners. The single market works as it should only when people can move from A to B.
Britain already has the tightest borders in Europe. However, Brexit campaigners say rise in net migration means border controls should be tightened even further. Quitting the Union isn’t going to make that easier. Controlling borders requires a great deal of cooperation with neighbouring Countries. This is particularly true of the ferry routes across the channel.
I was a frequent user of the DFDS ferries from Dover to Dunkirk. This is a busy route for both trucks and car drivers. The Port of Dover is the busiest international 24/7 roll-on roll-off ferry port in Europe. Huge improvements are being made to the port. These improvements are being part funded by the EU as part of its Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) project. Projects across the EU will help the economy to grow, with a budget of over €24 billion up to 2020.
To continue this success, we need to REMAIN part of the EU. If we leave the EU, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen. Certainly we will lose the advantages we already have that are delivering British economic success.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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