018I don’t like to be disrespectful so what I say does not refer to all Vote Leave campaigners. In fact, I’ve had a perfectly rational, sane and sensible debate with a few. However, I’ve met enough of them to say that it’s true that a number of them have the characteristics of those people who write letters to Councillors in green ink. That is EVERYTHING (in Bold) is accentuated! Nothing is left to the chance that you might not fully hear, echoing through the pages every point they are making. Even in a noisy room with a jet flying overhead and constant interruptions. What does a conversation with the other side sound like? Standing in a High Street meeting passers-by and offering a positive REMAIN message this can go several ways.
One way is the normal gentile route. For example: They smile and say: “I don’t agree with this leaflet but I take my hat off to you for standing in such a cold alleyway. I know what it’s like”.
Another way is the combative route: They comment: “You know you lot are going to lose – don’t you? I don’t know how you can believe this stuff?”
Finally, and all too often the aggressive route: They shout: “No democracy. Nazi super state. Can’t control our borders. Traitor – I want my Country back”.
In the first case I can shake their hand. In the second case I have a bit of banter. In the final case they get offensive, nasty and unpleasant. Any engagement is just time wasting. Whatever the rights or wrongs of it, some people have lost their marbles over this referendum. All the wows of the world are sharply focused on an instinctive urge to kick something. Logic goes right out of the window. Fallacies become the fashion. The Leave campaign can be summed up as; make as much noise as possible don’t bother about the detail.
I choose to believe that the latter case is a minority. The vast majority of people are calmly considering which way to vote. The positive REMAIN message is hitting home. To quote G. K. Chesterton: “But we are the people of England; and we have not spoken yet”.


Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

3 thoughts on “Marbles”

  1. I hear what you say and I sincerely wish we could just hear the facts of the argument to leave or stay. Sadly I don’t believe what I hear from most of our politicians. I have researched data and will make my decision on what I believe will be best for our nation. I will vote to leave.

  2. your comments are equally valid for those who want to remain, please do not kid yourself into thinking that those who want to remain push their points forward in any other way, you may think you are more civilised but that is only because you have been conditioned more easily towards what the EU ultimately wants, you only have to look at David Cameron and George Osborne with their stay campaign tactics to realise everything you have said about those who want to leave also apply to them.

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