Divided Nation

I’m suffering the tail end of a summer cold. It’s an annoying inconvenience which, at least, thanks to nature has a beginning and an end.  I started to feel less than 100% on Wednesday and Today; Saturday it’s on its way out.  Ironically, this morning was my first NHS health check-up in a while.  That took place in the surgery around the corner.  Basically, I’m happy to say that was a – you’re fine come and see us again in 2021 affair.

That’s my physical health. If only everything was so simple because early Friday morning it felt like I’d been hit by a large truck.  Went to bed on Thursday night in the expectation of waking-up to a predicable radio alarm and the BBC news rattling off the referendum results as; REMAIN win closely followed by LEAVE.  What I got was exactly the opposite.  What I got was a violent hammer blow.  What I got was frankly unbelievable.

What a blind idiot! I’d said; “trust the people” not knowing the naivety of that remark.  I genuinely thought that there was enough collective wisdom out there to mean that the British people would make a good choice.  The vote didn’t worry me.  I never thought we would all have to live with a result that led to Great Britain leaving the EU.  Hell no – together we couldn’t possibly be as crazy as to make that irrational choice.  Everyone would laugh.  Then everyone would panic.  Then a heavy cloud of sadness would fall.

Here we are on these islands in a truly incredible place. The gravity of events hasn’t yet sunk in.  Monumental changes have been set in motion.  I live in a Country that’s as ideologically divided as North and South Korea.  As divided as East and West Germany was in the past.  As divided as the English were in 1642.  Two completely opposing visions of Britain stand facing each other.  Only one has been given the green light to move forward.  I’m sorry to talk in such binary terms but there’s no other way of looking at the lay of the land.  A small three letter word keeps going around in my head – it’s sad.

Next, I’ll pen some words on why this situation is wrong looking at it from a rational, emotional and an ethical perspective.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

One thought on “Divided Nation”

  1. Y do folk underestimate power of rt wng press? Most of 17m Brexit were clueless? But read/heard “Brussels tell us what to do” “immigration!!!” & “£320m week for NHS” – when reality hit it was more “what have we done, what was EU” than “take that! we working class have been forgotten”
    No ideologically divided country, intelligent voted stay, thick read five newspapers & their headlines.

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