High Summer

IMG_0485Isn’t it remarkable?  One month has passed, a lot has changed and yet not much has changed.  It feels as if the thick dust that was kicked-up by the European Union referendum might be permanently in the atmosphere.  Gravity just doesn’t want to do its job.  There’s enough hot air rising to counteract anything gravity can do, at least for now.  You could say the debate continues.  The burning issues have not been resolved, it’s more a case of shaken and stirred and then repeated. 

I’ve been driving between Staines and Reigate and there are still plenty of signs of the referendum around us.  Today, I passed a roadside bin with a blue “Stronger IN” board sticking out of the top.  Traveling down the M25 motorway, or up depending how you look at it, there’s a couple of large Union Jacks in the hedge rows.  One or two cars display campaign stickers and the subject is never off the radio as I sit in the endless stream of traffic in the hot weather. 

I can hear someone saying – why don’t you take the train?  There’s one answer to that suggestion and it’s called: Southern Railways.  Everywhere the high summer heat is taking its toll on travellers.  In the South East, there’s a reason for annoyances and short tempers.  Add a whole truck load of uncertainty.  Then see the Pound devalue just before holidaymakers’ rush for the beaches and the mix is bound to produce a sour mood. 

Delay is needed.  The case for saying that little of any sense is going to be said for another month isn’t too far short of the mark.  Some cooling air is needed.  Gravity must do its job and settle the dust too.  Then reasoned arguments for and against courses of action can be heard and properly debated.  Whichever box people put their cross in a month ago they have a right to expect a level of sanity to prevail in cutting the best deal for the Country.  In my mind that means everything is still on the table before any declarations are made with respect to the triggering of the famous Article 50 and beginning the real process of the UK leaving the EU.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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