Inaction & Confusion

WP_20170814_009There’s so much to indicate what’s going wrong that I’m amazed people are not making more noise.  Pound down, inflation up, pay going nowhere, companies moving off-shore and a trade secretary eulogising about selling sunglasses to the world.  I know it’s the annual silly season but these are real and not imaginary events.  If we don’t take heed of such indicators then further troubles will results with certainty.

Last night, travelling back from Victoria station, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation that made me think that we are living in strange times as a dangerous passivity has swept over the nation.

To my side there were two well-dressed couples probably in their early 60s.  I am guessing that they had been meeting friends at a nice London restaurant for the evening.  Conversation ranged from what their friends were doing to the local church.  Then politics came up.  Loudly one of the men said: “no one is going to invest while we have an unstable Government”.  That struck me.  Here we have a sample of prosperous middle England strongly voicing the opinion that the current Conservative Government is going nowhere.  It’s like people know the Government is failing but they are sitting on their hands waiting for better times.  It’s almost as if middle England has gone into stasis.

Another interesting meeting, I had last night was talking to a young Spanish student at the Proms.  He was from Madrid but had been taking advantage of the Erasmus Programme studying maths at Warwick.  The Erasmus Programme is European funding, offering university students a possibility of studying at European universities.  He spoke some German and was an amateur musician.  I couldn’t help but think how insane it would be to make it difficult for young people, like him, to study in the UK.

The mindless insanity of Brexit continues.  Day-after-day examples show just how wrong the direction we are headed continues to be.  Yet, public inaction is the response to the confusion presented by the present Government.  There ought to be a huge outcry calling for Mrs May to go.  Where is it?

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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