Not too late

WP_20170806_001I don’t believe the story that many of those we voted Remain have come around to the idea of Brexit.   What I do think has happened is a lot of people have been turned off the whole debate because of the crude conduct of a great number of Brexit advocates.  There’s the unfortunate “it will be all right on the night” thinking too.   Somewhat because we haven’t been accustomed to extreme politics in Britain there’s an underlying assumption that however crazy the talking, sound, solid and sober people in the background will work it out.  The reality is that assumption no longer stands.

The Leave campaign know what they did. They were singularly cynical about the campaign they ran. Except for the master manipulators most of those who did vote for Brexit had no idea what it meant.

However, in all 48 million did not vote for Brexit.  It’s the future of the whole Country that we should be thinking about and not appeasing the few.  That’s the difference between real democracy and mob rule.

It’s now important to campaign for a reversal of this ill-fated path.   Failure to do so is almost unthinkable.  Young people, now coming of age will be the ones writing the history books.  That story can be one of a new dark age or a brighter internationalist era.  The choice is ours.  As one great, European leader once said: “This is not yet the end … … but it may be the end of the beginning”.

Beginning to awaken to the fact that Europe is better together.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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