Threatening Democracy

Yesterday’s newspapers have a couple of short pieces from hardened Brexiters.  The general theme is; if Brexit is thwarted, in even the slightest then; public’s rage will boil over.  Or we must go all the way otherwise no one will ever vote again.  Yes, it does get that ridiculously hysterical.

Week after week the Brexit supporters’ loose arguments but they trundled on and on.  I can’t remember the last time that they fairly and honestly won a debate without coercion.

Listening to the populist arguments from prominent Brexit supporting MPs, it’s clear they want no relationship with the EU whatsoever in the future.  The mantra “Brexit means Brexit” is still being churned out.  The foolishness of these deceiving arguments is plain to see.  Any Treaty that a Country signs with any other includes obligations and responsibilities.  The idea that we can have a beneficial and positive relationship without any of these is unreal.

It’s true that some people, who rarely if ever vote, suddenly decided to go to the polls in June 2016.  As is often the case, quite a lot were in the mood to give the Government of the day a bloody nose.  Lots went to the ballot assuming their vote would just be a momentary angry protest.  After all everyone had had quite enough of austerity and the blandness of Mr Cameron.

Now, many have recanted and would like to take back their referendum vote.  Our democracy is being threatened by the die-hard Brexit obsessives who fear the fact that a majority of people may have reconsidered.  I believe, this Country is mature enough to have a choice over the deal that is being cobbled together.  It is consistent with our pragmatic traditions.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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