Daily Prompt: Champion

Champion the Wonder Horse! Champion the Wonder Horse! I can hear that theme resonating in my ear.  It was coming from a black and white TV set sitting in the corner of the front room.  This is going back to the 60s in the farm house where I grew-up.  Like a streak of lightnin’ flashin’ cross the sky.  Can’t remember a single story or even what Champion looked like.  Take that even further, we never had a horse on the farm in my time.  Nevertheless, that song is as clear as a bell.  The picture that goes with it of the room and the large stone fire place are well in focus.  Strange tricks the mind plays.

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On the edge

We are on the cusp of a glorious victory or defeat.  Can’t be sure, just now.  Whatever.  We are on the seat of our slacks, hanging on to every word just waiting for the final count down.  Seconds tick by as the suspense builds.  People fidget with anxiety.  Nervous onlookers shake with unease.  Cameras pan the room.  A tap to the microphone to check it’s working.  And finally, just as we were all about to turn away – he lifts the tea bag out of the cup.  Nothing to see here.  Move on.  Only another cuppa. 

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