Getting it wrong

Firstly, my thoughts are with all those who perished as a result of the war in Iraq.  It’s little consolation to say that the Liberal Democrats were right in opposing this war.  I joined the million that marched the streets of London on a cold day in 2003.  We were roused by stirring speeches that the Government of the day promptly ignored.  As is the tradition, the jingoistic newspapers of the time shouted in their nastiest voice.  Not much has changed in that respect. 

I think the relationship between Britain and America is extremely important.  However, what of Sovereignty, a word used frequently during the referendum campaign, if Britain does whatever an American president asks?  Going with the flow is hardly the act of an independent State.  When “group-think” takes hold there needs to be a powerful counterbalance but we don’t have one. 

Learning the lessons from history is absolutely vital.  It’s shocking that it takes so long for the facts and truth to come out when major events are concerned.  Delay in justice just protects those who are negligent and allows the dangers of reoccurrence of poor decision-making.  We need to redouble our efforts to use proper scrutiny in Government and in Parliament. 

In Britain, we do seem to have the capacity for making the most appallingly poor decisions.  Huge ones that shape our destiny.  For a Country full of so many able, well-educated and talented people it doesn’t stop us from screwing-up big time.  The fault line is not with the people but with our prehistoric manner of governance.  Yet, reform meets a high wall that blocks any attempts at a more progressive approach. 

Looking ahead; I suppose I will be nearly 70 when the report is published on the disastrous choice to leave the European Union.  Maybe they will call it the Cameron report to remind the Country of the gambler who plunged us into an abyss.  It will be those people who are 20 years younger than me who will be carrying the burden on their backs.  Adjusting to being a poorer nation in the world will not be easy.  Now, slowly we are heading towards £1 = 1 euro = $1.  Expect one British industry to succeed in this new world order – tourism.  Time to open a B&B or Tea Shop. 

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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