Think again

At the time of the vote I said; the Brexit campaign has no plan.  There was a huge chorus that said; the Brexit campaign has no plan.  We now know that there was no plan for Brexit. 

During the EU referendum there was no clear vision as to what constituted Brexit.  Several different views cobbled together in an awkward coalition made-up what became the Brexit protest vote.  There was no coherent vision of a world after Britain left the EU.  Except to say that every economic model that had been run showed a poorer Country after the event. 

Today, it’s unbelievably preposterous to criticise the Government for not having a Brexit plan.  It’s those advocates of Brexit who should have had a basic plan who are the critics.  I find this situation the epitome of hypocrisy.  Instead of getting down to work to save the Country, the Brexit camp are carping on the side-lines. 

In June, the Government of the day firmly backed a Remain vote.  Just imagine a national football team going into Euro 2016 with a game plan to loose.  All efforts were rightly dedicated to remaining in the EU.  Being serious about winning means committing 100% to winning. 

The strength of the Brexit protest vote swung the result by a small margin.  People angry about issues that had little or nothing to do with the EU came out to protest.  If there’s fair criticism of the campaign to Remain it’s that these issues were not adequately addressed. 

However, if the EU referendum was re-run in the coming months there would be a clear win by the Remain vote.  Having tasted just the first part of the chaos to come even the most hardened protest voter is likely to think again. 

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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