Good and Bad

WP_20170719_010There’s some good news.  It’s not often that can be said in this rather peculiar time.

There’s some bad news too.  So, let’s go with the bad news first.  It occurs to me that an enormous amount has been written about Brexit but little of what’s written is getting any traction in turning around the ridiculous situation we find ourselves in.  It’s assumed that the rift between IN or OUT, Remain or Leave, Pro or Anti is unbridgeable.  However, day-after-day, people are leaping over that rift and regretting their vote to leave the European Union but, now, not much is changing.  I want to add one more reason why people need to take that leap forward and reject Brexit.  The reason comes in this shape and it has much to do with my experience with rules and regulations.

Whatever you do in life things go wrong.  Accidents happen.  Errors get made.  Failure occurs.  It really doesn’t matter if you come from the left, right or centre of politics.  Stuff happens and one of our expectations is that Governments, wherever they are, will fix problem stuff.  You might say; what the point of them if they don’t?

What’s concerning and dangerous about the current Brexit obsessed Government has hit us before.  It’s the phenomena that is so easy to see in hindsight but difficult to see when it’s happening.  It’s often called; groupthink.  Laws get made, regulation get amended and decisions get taken in a way that doesn’t consider the impact.  That’s where we are today and its really is bad news.

Next for the good news.  I welcome Vince Cable as the leader of the Liberal Democrats in the UK.  There’s a huge gaping gap right at the heart of British politics.  A massive vacant spot to occupy.  The right is in its fox hole.  The left is up on the barricades.  Nobody is addressing the clear majority of sane, sober and honest people who just want the best for their community and their Country.  The good news is that there’s an opportunity to offer an alternative to the blind groupthink of the extremes of left and right.  A positive, progressive internationalist centre ground Party will go far.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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