Don’t Carry On – Change

WP_20170725_001One definition of “stupid” is to keep doing the same thing but, at the same time, expect a different outcome[1].  There’s a time when change is not just desirable but necessary without delay.

On the backfoot, the defensive stand being taken by Brexiters is now a simplistic yell of – stop being negative – be negative about climate change – be negative about media bias but don’t be negative about a failing pet political project.  Social media is full to the brim with this chanting.

The insistence that everyone should be positive about the gloomy daily diet of Brexit news is repeated constantly.  At the same time, it’s no real surprises that the latest official data on the UK economy shows bad news.  This is a familiar story as there have been plenty of warnings about gathering storm clouds.  Many have been prompted to take contingency measures or hunker down.

Now, the messengers are being targeted for sounding their warnings.  Somehow speaking clearly, calmly and objectively is equated with being unpatriotic.  The Brexiters formula is that, on all occasions, people should smile and be upbeat regardless of the impact of this self-imposed calamity.  To not do so is to let the side down or to support a, so called, “enemy”.  The wise know that the cold reality is that shutting our eyes to negative information doesn’t make it go away.

My response to this thoughtlessness is in aeronautical terms.  If a warning system is telling us to take emergency actions then it’s imperative that it be taken.  No delay.  Now is the time to change.  There are far too many who have ignored warnings and as a result are not here to tell the tale.  Exit Brexit without delay.

[1] “Stupidity is doing same thing and expecting different results” said by Einstein.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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