Wrong turn

Let’s be clear.  Brexit is built on a fantasy.  It’s a massive disruption aimed at the wrong target.

Yes, we know the world has changed since the formation of the European community.  Yes, we know China and India are growing more rapidly than Europe.  Yes, we know no one likes the language of rules and regulations.   But to use these three as reasons for unilateral separation from our nearest neighbours is as likely to succeed as a five-year-old is to master quantum physics.

Global connectivity, interaction and interdependence are growing.  Like it or not, no one Country is going to be able to halt social and technical “progress” unless its willing to make its people poorer.  There’s always the dark ages option.

Sure, this makes people like me, over 50, uncomfortable and romantically starry eyed about so called simpler times.  My career started in the pre-digital world where computers were filing cabinet sized number crunchers only States and big companies could afford.  Today, with talk of Artificial Intelligence not as science fiction but as science fact, its hard to know what will happen next.

For these reasons, and more major institutions need a radical shift in gear.  It doesn’t matter if they are international, regional, national, city, town or village we need to do business differently.

So, where Brexit pits one against another it’s a hundred percent wrong.

Author: johnwvincent

Our man in Southern England

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