Brexit and Aviation 32

2903_brexitTuesday, chief #Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier will brief the EU 27 Member States Ministers about the ongoing talks with the UK[1].

“The Ministers will discuss the state of play of the negotiations, concerning both the completion of the work on withdrawal issues and the discussions on the framework for future EU-UK relations.  Ministers will also look at the annotated draft agenda for the next meeting of the European Council (Article 50) of 18 October 2018.”

An agreement on a future relationship can only be negotiated and concluded once the UK has become a “third country” with respect to the EU.  That’s after 31 March 2019.

Additionally, during their EU27 Leaders’ summit in Salzburg on 19 – 20 September 2018 hosted by the Federal Chancellery of Austria there will be a discussion on #Brexit.  The discussions during this informal summit will be reflected in the work and the conclusions of the next meetings of the European Council.

The preparedness notices related to aviation, published by the EU in January[2] and April[3] this year continue to be applicable.  Yet, we have not seen a formal UK public response to these notices.  With such slow progress the once-unthinkable prospect of a “no-deal” #Brexit is becoming a real one.

These notices set out the consequences of the withdrawal of the UK from the EU without a formal, ratified agreement.   The implications are stark.

Aviation is undergoing major changes, with challenges like; the growth of air traffic, economic and environmental pressures, digitalisation, new technologies, drones, cybersecurity and other security issues.   All of these are pan-European challenges.  None of them can successful be addressed by one Nation alone.  The regulatory framework in which aviation operates is a key factor in its performance.  The chaos that a “no deal” #Brexit may bring will impact this significantly.







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