Brexit & Aviation 63

43 days left until Brexit, if it happens[1].  As the UK Parliament continues to vacillate so the European Parliament (EP) has decided.  Yesterday, in Strasbourg the EP voted through a regulation on Brexit and aviation safety.   The European Union (EU) will continue to recognise aviation safety approvals in the UK for at least an interim period in the event of No Deal outcome to Brexit[2].

The withdrawal of the UK from the EU without an agreement affects the validity of certificates and licenses originating from the UK.   A regulation proposed in December last[3], has now been debated in the EP.  Amendment were adopted by the EP on 13 February 2019 on the proposal for a regulation of the EP and of the Council on certain aspects of aviation safety with regard to the withdrawal of the UK from the EU[4].

These measures give UK based aerospace companies a short time to adapt to a new situation.  It gives some grandfather rights to approvals granted before Brexit day.

There will be decisions to be made by companies.  To go for a national approval hoping that a set of bilateral deals will be sorted out in the fullness of time.  To go for a European approval as a “third country” or by move business to an EU Member State.  Or, in fact combinations of these possibilities.

Dither in the UK.  Speedy implementation in the EU.  Draw whatever conclusion you like.






Author: johnwvincent

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